All playing on play ground and play sport arena!

A colourful playground for children on holiday

The play ground area is a colourful and child-proof space. A safe and soft space designed specifically to give free rein to the imagination and have fun with your peers. The play ground area is a real happy island where you can invent adventures always different.

There is a green carpet of 25 square meters, the soft ball, the games and the bath with balls. Then there are also the brand new interactive games such as Kikifun and Interactive Carpet, designed for today’s children who, while having fun, learn by developing creativity and skills.

Here the little ones are serene and free to express themselves because they have a space all to themselves, tailor-made and full of always different stimuli. This is the magical kingdom of all children on holiday!

News 2021

Yes, the big news, or rather new entry, in the fantastic world of Club Family Hotels for 2021 is the console most loved by kids all over the world: Playstation 5!

We’ve created a dedicated gaming corner just for your older kids, where they’ll experience fantastic adventures in wild metropolitan settings, among funny characters or creepy and mysterious ones thanks to the best Playstation 5 games.

Incredibly realistic graphics, fluid movement and a speed of gameplay that only the PS5 could create that surpasses itself, because we always want to offer you and your family the best.

Experience with your children a unique challenge, as unique as your holiday at the Club Family Hotel Riccione!