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in our hotels, 2 children up to the age of 18 always stay for free.

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Dine Around

Want to plan a night out on the Riviera? Thanks to the 'Dine Around' service, you can have lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants of the other Club Family Hotels in Milano Marittima, Pinarella di Cervia, Cesenatico and Riccione.

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Top Quality All Inclusive

All brands that are part of our Club Family All Inclusive®Open Bar Top Quality.

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Cesenatico began as a small fishing village. A historic village, with low, colourful houses developed around the canal port. Here you can admire the charm of narrow alleys and fishing nets twisted around boats. A favourite holiday destination for families, Cesenatico offers all types of accommodation and tourist facilities: from hotels with state-of-the-art facilities to well-equipped campsites for those seeking a more independent, dynamic holiday. A stay in Cesenatico means entering the heart of Romagna.


The Leonardesque Canal Port

The port dates back to the early 16th century and its original function was to provide an outlet to the sea for the city of Cesena. It was the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci himself who designed the reinforcement of the port and its structure as we still see it today. In this area of the city, you can also visit the Maritime Museum with real historical relics including boats and sailing vessels.


Playstation 5

Yes, the big news, or rather new entry, in the fantastic world of Club Family Hotels is the console most loved by kids all over the world: Playstation 5! We’ve created a dedicated gaming corner just for your older kids, where they’ll experience fantastic adventures in wild metropolitan settings, among funny characters or creepy and mysterious ones thanks to the best Playstation 5 games.

Incredibly realistic graphics, fluid movement and a speed of gameplay that only the PS5 could create that surpasses itself, because we always want to offer you and your family the best. Experience with your children a unique challenge, as unique as your holiday at the Club Family Hotel!


Virtual Reality

We at Club Family Hotel Cesenatico Tosi Beach take fun seriously, also because we love to play! We thought of making the multimedia gaming experience truly unique and unforgettable, especially for kids of course, but parents are welcome too: virtual reality visors are here!

We bet if you tell your children, you'll see them jump for joy! Gloomy day? Fancy an epic family challenge? New friends from the beach and already eager to explore new fantasy worlds together? Our entertainment staff are always there if someone asks them to play. Every opportunity is a good one for playing and, thanks to the visors, literally immersing oneself in an unforgettable adventure is really possible, even during a beach holiday!


Splash Park Area

A water park where water is the protagonist: jumping, splashing, playing....

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The only original and inimitable ...

All Inclusive®Open Bar 24/7 at the hotel and on the beach, with our top quality!!!

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Pizza is available at both Lunch and Dinner!

You can find pizza by the slice for lunch and dinner. We serve it fresh out of the oven, crispy and stuffed just the way you like it. Yes, there is also Nutella pizza, delicious, essential, and also perfect for breakfast!


Sammontana Ice Cream

When we find a new way to make children happy, of course we jump at it! We have thought about making every moment of your family holiday even sweeter, especially for your children.

At the end of lunch, what could be better than a good ice cream? So why not at snack time, to make our range of tasty snacks even richer? And after dinner, waiting for the start of the evening show, to kill time beforehand? That is why we have created a new sweet corner where, in plain sight, you will find our legendary 'ice cream cart'! The very colourful one that has delighted the childhood of entire generations!

Stracciatella, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate... which flavour do you want? Choose the ice cream you like best or enjoy them all, the cart is always there for you. But not just any ice cream, only the best for our guests: Sammontana ice cream, for a guarantee of taste and high quality.

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From morning to night your baby smiles

  • Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad... I'm going to go play with the others! Parents you are warned. You will very often hear your children say this sentence.
  • Shows, games, baby dance, creative moments and sports. The Mini Club, Junior Club take care of your little ones from 4 years of age.

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