Events to discover on Holiday in the Riviera Romagnola

At the 4-star Club Family Hotel Cesenatico Tosi Beach we love taking care of our guests. We love the smiles and cries of joy from the children; we love their sad hugs as they say goodbye, we love being part of many people's memories and the funny stories they relive in winter with a hint of nostalgia.

That is why we always do our very best to make every moment, every gesture, every game, unique and special. Despite this, we can’t expect families who come to Cesenatico to enjoy their seaside holidays just to stay with us all the time!

So here we are to give you a few small suggestions on what to do, where to go, how to have fun in Cesenatico or around Romagna to make your family holiday even better and unforgettable, even on a rainy day!

Amusement parks, museums and places of art, strolls through historic centres and villages, family shopping and relaxing moments to enjoy with your loved ones, and many other ideas to help you discover that the entire Romagna Riviera is truly the home of hospitality and fun.

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